What is Biz-Framework?

Is a Business Software Framework where you have access to the framework source code and extend the functionality with your team and put your own Branding. Biz Framework helps you achieve an end-to-end view across your business, manage and optimize your business operations and resources, improve operationally efficiency and more.

``We take care of the Backend for you``


Our Features

Electronic Sales and Invoicing

Sales and billing management includes keeping a record of all products and services offered to customers

Accounting and Fixed Assets

It allows the organization, maintenance and analysis of financial information obtained from all business operation systems.

Employees & Payroll

Designed to meet the full range of business payroll requirements, ensuring an accurate, streamlined and efficient payroll process

Expenses & Banks

Create, control and maintain all cost management transactions with maximum efficiency

Inventory and Point of Sale

You can manage complete product information, from detail to price and initial stock.

Customer Service

Case management aims to process clients’ cases and problems in the most optimized and standardized way possible.


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