Case Management Framework (CMF)

Case Management Software is a digital system that enables companies to track and store information in a centralized location and report on their data. Case information is accessible to a variety of users so that stakeholders can collaborate on cases and share information in a secure environment.

A case management system can be installed on a local network or it can be web-based. Web-based case management software is the most popular type because it is available 24/7 and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Many companies purchase case management software to replace spreadsheet-based case incident and issue tracking systems that have limited features, inadequate security, and no workflow support.

5 benefits of case management software

Reduced Human Error

When you are dealing with pen and paper, it’s hard to make sure that everything is in its proper place. Notes can get lost and documentation can be filled out incorrectly.


The top case management software doesn’t stop at helping the case move towards a resolution. It can also look at trends and help you see how well your forms and workflows function.


When all your files are safe, you have peace of mind. Superior case management system software keeps all your files safe and performs data backup automatically and regularly, saving you the hassle of having to do it manually.

Cases can be completed from anywhere

Thanks to cloud-based case management software, you have the freedom to work outside the office. This is a feature you’ll love if your job involves a lot of traveling. Server-based systems are becoming obsolete as businesses move to the cloud.


Case management software must be extremely flexible. It should be nimble and quickly adapt to new processes.


The modeler empowers business users to design business processes in days, not months. Drag and drop tasks and decision points on to the modeling canvas, and then add in your forms, users, data connectors, and more.


The processes and workflows of a case management system are unique to each individual company. Biz’s powerful workflow feature allows administrators to set up the steps, status, sequence, and processes of case documents based on your company needs.


Keep track of all the moving parts and manage your resources, time, costs and profitability on every job. Enjoy seamless workflow management and insightful reporting.

Security Groups

Assign permissions to users to allow to approve, reject, or any action according to the status of the case. The company can drill down the security in all steps of the workflow of the processes of the company.


Business users can easily design elegant forms and display screens that are used in the workflows with no-code. Forms are used to capture data, display data from other systems, and design approval screens for managers to make decisions.