Biz Framework has the services and features your organization needs bring your payroll in-house, or to improve your existing processes with our powerful set of payroll tools.

Biz Framework is a comprehensive, integrated human resources management system that facilitates the management of the full range of HRMS functions and responsibilities. The Human Resource Management System gives organizations the much-needed tools to manage their most important asset i.e. people.

A powerful core database and extensive feature-list make HRMS & Employee Resource Management administration easier, accurate, and more efficient Human Resource Management Framework (HRMF) than ever before.


Biz Framework empowers employees to manage their HR administration related activities and information providing you
the opportunity to reclaim valuable time and focus on critical initiatives. Biz-Framework provides a host of relevant personalized services directly to Employee Dashboards. Employees can view information pertaining to them and manage their daily tasks from a single, secure web-based platform. The portal includes a dynamic communication forum, which includes an FAQ center, where employees can get their queries clarified instantly. Our system frees up HR personnel from the usual barrage of HR related queries, allowing them to focus on more important initiatives.


Payroll management is designed to address the entire spectrum of enterprise payroll requirements ensuring accurate, faster, and efficient payroll processing.
The Payroll Management module allows you to automate payroll calculations for wages, bonuses, and other forms of compensation, based on user-defined rules. It allows you to configure payroll components such as wages, bonus es, or other forms of compensation, administer taxes, deductions, and more. It enables you to align payroll processing according to your organization’s policies and ensure that the payroll process is effective, accurate, and consistent.


You can set up budgets for annual, quarterly, seasonal, and monthly distributions
Revisions can be controlled until the first stage of the budget has been established or locked
Budget Development allows you to determine how budget worksheets are to be distributed and to restrict worksheet distribution to specific department heads or users


Employees want easy access to their information. With Employee Self Service (ESS), give them secure, 24/7 access in one, convenient place. They can view checks, request time off, clock in and out, update personal data, and collaborate and interact with each other. Supervisors benefit, too, with the ability to approve schedule changes or time-off requests. Keep your employees connected to the tools they need — and to each other.


The world of benefits — all the options available and pieces to manage — can be overwhelming. Let us simplify it for you. Plan and administer competitive benefits packages in one place while offering a smooth, mobile-friendly experience for employees, too, with our Benefits tool. Employees can access benefits info on the go, and you can  easily connect benefits with HR and Payroll to reduce costs and minimize risk.